Scouts BSA Troop # 736

About Us

Scouts BSA Troop 736

Our Troop was originally chartered by St. Michael's Church in Glen Allen Virginia on January 6, 2003.  While our Troop was started with only 5 Scouts and 5 Leaders, we have grown to over 30 Scouts + Leaders today.  On February 1, 2019, when the Scouts BSA program was officially opened to girls, we expanded our Troop by chartering a Scouts BSA Troop for Girls.  The two troops maintain the same number and are referred to as Troop 736B (boys) and Troop 736G (girls).


We have met the standards for being a quality troop every year.  Our community and church service projects are an important aspect of our yearly planning schedule.  Although our history is thus far categorized as a short time span in the 100 years of scouting history, our ten plus years have been filled with memorable moments, exciting campouts, some very successful summer camps and a Troop full of dedicated and experienced Scouts to lead the way to our bright future.

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Our Vision Develop outstanding youth leaders, and Scouts, who years from now, will say their Scouting experience was a significant part of their success in life. Fun and adventure will be the backdrop of this development and the outcome will be Scouts that have become men of extraordinary character.   The Troop welcomes boys at any stage of development and moves them systematically toward adulthood, providing along the way the training and support that they and their families need.  In turn, our future will be much brighter because of this development.